Shills Black Mask

The Shills Black Mask Acne Purifying Face Mask is the latest cult beauty product to hit the UK shelves. With bamboo charcoal as it’s main active ingredient, this peel off face mask acts as a magnet to draw out blackheads, excess sebum, dirt and bacteria from pores, leaving you with a super smooth, shine free complexion every time. Calendula, grapefruit and rosemary help rebalance the skins pH level.

To use, cleanse face thoroughly and pat it dry. You can steam your face beforehand to open up your pores for an extra deep clean. Apply generously over the forehead, nose, cheek and chin area, being careful to avoid lips, eyebrows and eyes. Leave until dry (between 20 and 30 minutes), and peel off from the chin upwards. Finish off with a toner of your choice.

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