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While planning to stay at a friend’s house: “ok, tooth brush, pajamas, make up, hair brush, hair straightener, hair dryer, curling iron…” Do you relate to this? Don’t worry, I used to too.

For people with long hair or difficult hair, traveling or sleeping over someone’s house can be particularly troubling. We usually have to carry more than one gadget to fix it – just in case – and that implies a heavy bag and a bunch of bad looking gear. Well if you take your Ghd V Gold Classic Styler out, you’ll realize a hair straightener has never been so classy and easier to transport.

The Ghd V Gold Classic Styler is one of my favorite hair straighteners in the market because not only has a beautiful, luxe-feel appearance, but also it’s even more effective on thick and long hair thanks to its gold plates. Whereas the ghd IV Styler is much more suitable for medium length and thin hair strands, this one is quicker and smoother on big wild manes such as mine.

If you are one of the people who starts getting looks and comments about the volume of your hair in the hair salon, then the Ghd V Gold Classic Styler will do a solid favor for you. And it doesn’t matter what kind of hair style you want, since the contoured edges of the hair straightener are great for creating effective curls and waves: it will always give you a smooth, shiny finish like the ones in the shampoo commercials…Well, maybe you’ll need a bit of editing for that…

Another great advantage of this product is that it has a universal voltage system, so you can plug it at any part of the world that has electricity without being disappointed. And since it’s so light, you won’t end up with sciatica complications after taking it with you. At the end, it avoids a great amount of gadgets, since it gathers a bunch of uses into one.

So if you are staying at someone’s house tonight, don’t let your hair become a problem. The Ghd V Gold Classic Styler will look more of an accessory in your purse than an actual tool. Also, you’ll have a great hair in just minutes after any possible disaster you encounter. Do not hide from the pool of the hotel or from the rain at your friend’s backyard anymore.

Main features

  • Professional finish, so you don’t have to visit a hair salon again!
  • Smoother plates, for a shiny-Pantene commercial-kind of hair.
  • Lighter body, so you can easily take it anywhere without any complication.
  • Ceramic heaters and contoured plates, for you to regulate the temperature while you try new hair styles, whether they are curly, wavy or straight.
  • Sleep mode, to avoid accidents, the ghd V Gold Classic Styler will “sleep” after 30 minutes without usage.


Though this is not the cheapest hair straightener there is, it’s definitely worth the £129 you’ll spend. Avoid unnecessary awkward hair moments with the Ghd V Gold Classic Styler.

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