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Now in its 8th year, the ghd IV styler is still one of the hottest (no pun intended) and best performing straighteners on the market. With ceramic plates and a rounded barrel, the IV straightens as well as it curls. Grab yourself a bargain and check out the best prices in the UK on the ghd IV styler below.

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You get a call from a friend, saying there is a casual, small gathering at her house in 2 hours. From the scale of 0 to 10, how freaked out are you?

Many people are great at improvising an outfit or a hairstyle for an unexpected event. I used to get really anxious any time I got an invitation like this, because even though these reunions are actually pretty casual, I want to look the best possible – without taking it too far. And though the clothes does not tend to be a big issue for me, my hair definitely is. Thick, wavy hair is not so easy to handle. But thankfully, I found a great miracle worker: the ghd IV Styler.

Do you like straight hair? Curly hair? Or wavy hair? Whatever you are into, the ghd IV Styler is the ideal tool for you to take control of your hair. At last, having this “hair straightener” – it actually flicks, curls and styles too – will immediately make your life easier. You can change your hair style any time you want with just one instrument: seriously, any time since the ghd IV Styler is super quick and easy to handle. It doesn’t need to be owned by a professional. So if you are as clumsy as I am, you will really appreciate how easy fixing your hair can be with it.

Also, doesn’t matter if your hair is particularly long, short, thick or thin: the ceramic heaters will take care of fixing it. The round barrel design really makes you want to try all kinds of curls and waves possible, so you will also have lots of fun. Of course, if your hair is a thick as mine it will take some extra minutes to get it done, but that’s the only complexity of the ghd IV Styler usage.

No more having three different gadgets to make our hair look fabulous. The ghd IV Styler has both saved some room in my bathroom drawer, and precious time. Although this is not the latest model of ghd products, it really makes a difference especially when you are just getting acquainted with this kind of gear.

So when your friend calls, no more 0 to 10 scales of being freaked out. Be confident enough to say you’ll reach in 10 minutes – and actually be there by then! If you are feeling a bit insecure about the weather, you can always take the ghd IV Styler with you as it will take you a second to re fix your hair wherever you go to.

Main features

  • Ceramic heater technology, which regulates the temperature accordingly and gives your hair a smooth finish.
  • Round barrel, so that you can try curly, wavy and straight hair at once!
  • Sleep mode, so that you can leave it on the table without burning the house down.


The price of the ghd IV Styler is less than £100, so it’s really worth your money. If you want to invest in a versatile product, then this is it.


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