Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson have entered the hair care world with the launch of their Supersonic hair dryer. With super fast drying, and advanced technology to minimise  heat damage, the Dyson hair dryer truly is a revolution in hair drying. Check out today's best deals on the Dyson dryer below, or scroll down to read our full review.

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They've ticked off hoovers, desk fans, and hand dryers… so it was only a matter of time until Dyson turned their engineering genius towards another category of blowy (or sucky) things! And we must confess we were super excited for the launch of Dyson Supersonic hair dryer.

But at £300 and upwards is it really worth the price?

Well, at first glance it doesn't look too much like a hair dyer. In fact, it looks a bit more like a microphone! But turn the thing on and you'll soon see what all the fuss is about.

Dyson Hair Dryer: The Highlights

First of all, it's super quiet. If you're into specs, the actual noise it generates is around 80dB, which is around 5-10dB less than most of its competitors. While that might not sound like much you'll definitely notice the difference.

If you're wondering why it's so quiet, that's because the motor on the Dyson dryer is actually in the handle. Effectively, the handle acts as a silencer for the motor. Smart.

Now let's talk about heat. Obviously hair dryers work by combining air movement and heat. Most expensive hair dryers (like the ones you use in the salon) get pretty hot, very fast. And if you're not careful you can end up burning your hair – turning it into a frizzy mess.

The Dyson Supersonic is different. It has a sensor inside that constantly measures the temperature of the air flow and stops it from getting too hot. So you can dry your hair confidently, knowing that you won't be doing any damage.

There are also 4 heat settings and three airflow settings, so it's easy to find the right combination for your hair.

The fact the motor is in the handle also helps to balance the dryer – making it comfortable to hold.

How Well Does The Dyson Hair Dryer Dry Your Hair?

Let's get to the crux.

If you're going to fork out this amount of money for a hair dryer, you want one that can:

a) dry your hair better than any other dryer (causing less damange/frizz)
b) dry your hair faster than any other dryer

So does it do that?

Yes. When we tried it out we were very impressed with the dryer's performance.

Our hair felt great after drying, with no frizz, and a light brushing was all it took to have sleek, straight hair after drying. So it's definitely going to cut down on your ghd use.

And yes, it's a lot faster than regular dryers. We're big fans of Parlux dryers, but found that the Dyson Supersonic cut drying time by around half. That's a big time saving if you're someone who blow drys your hair every day.

How Does The Dyson Dryer Work?

Unlike most dryers on the market, the motor in the dyson (ok, let's call it a fan) doesn't have any blades. Instead the fan uses 'Air Multiplier Technology' which brings air into the dryer from all sides and then, well, multiplies its power. The air is then pushed our through the middle of the dryer's ring for a super powerful blast of air that will dry your hair in no time.

Accessories Available For The Dyson Supersonic

There are 3 different attachments currently available for the Dyson Supersonic – two nozzels which concentrate airflow, and one diffuser. They all attach via a magnet, which we found pretty convenient. There were no issues with the attachments coming loose or falling off.

Is The Dyson Supersonic Worth The Money?

Good question!

Ultimately it's not a magic wand. All it's going to do is dry your hair. But what it will do is massively cut down drying time, make your hair easier to style, and minimise heat damage. So you should be able to save yourself money in the long run on straighteners, brushes, heat protection products, and hair treatments.

But yes, it is still a hefty outlay.

If you're someone who drys your hair every day, and spends a lot on hair care in general, then this could definitely be the right dryer for you.

If you just blow dry your hair occassionally, then it's going to be pretty hard to justify such a large outlay.

But what we can say is this is without doubt the best hair dryer on the market. In fact, although the term is banded about a lot, it's safe to say that the Dyson Supersonic is a revolution in hair drying.

Yep, Dyson have done it again!


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